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sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

Hello everybody!
Here is Marcelo, i'm the camp director of the Summer Camp that CISV Belo Horizonte is hosting right now. I'm writing this mensagge to let all the parents know that, even it's raining at camp, we are not afected by all the problems that you might read on the news.
So be calm, the camp is going really well and everybody is having to much fun here!

Peace, Marcelo - Camp Director

sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Open Day - another great success

Today we had the open day for the Doris Allen Camp. Member of the local CISV community came to visit with the youngsters from the 9 delegations. We had even the visit of two families from São Paulo! 

The day was full of activities and everyone enjoyed every bit of the fun. Tomorrow the leaders are going to have a much deserved break following their “night out”. 

We will try to keep everyone informed and to send new posts over the next few days…

Doris Allen Camp - Staff

New Years is well celebrated at Doris Allen Camp

The delegations of the 9 countries participating in the Summer Camp celebrated the beginning of the new year with lots of music, happiness and… rain!

In the end, everyone felt this was a great way to celebrate the start of a new year.

Happy new year to our CISV friends and families!

Doris Allen Camp - Staff

Fotos of Dolly Allen Camp

Here are two photos of the camp. We hope you enjoy it!

domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011


Feliz Ano Novo !! (Happy New Year)
In the very beginning of the camp, we had technical problem with the internet. But luckily, it’s solved and we can catch up you guys with the latest news of Dolly Allen Camp. Oh! And There are a lot !
To begin with, the day one, all delegates arrived safely and happy to our camp site. Also, they received a warm welcome from the staff and leaders who prepare all the camp facility for next 21 days they will spend here.
On day 2, we started our day with activities where everyone could show their expectation for this camp and our theme. In doing so, we spend time getting to know each other better.

As a result of a productive day, on day 3, after an awesome day of activities, we finished our daily schedule with a great party of New Year’s Eve. In an effort to make an unforgettable night, all the staff members made a nice table with a big variety of fruits and drinks like sodas and water. On the top of that, Marcelo, our camp director, was the DJ for the night and made the party more energetic.